Which Of The Following Are The Three Key Hallmarks Of Science?

The three key hallmarks of science are systematic empiricism, logical reasoning, and skeptical inquiry.

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The scientific method

The three key hallmarks of science are the scientific method, falsifiability, and peer review. The scientific method is a systematic process for gathering data and testing hypotheses. Falsifiability is the ability of a hypothesis to be disproven by evidence. Peer review is the process by which scientists evaluate each other’s work.

Theories and laws

Theories and laws are the two main products of science. Theories are broad, overarching explanations of how the universe works. They are supported by observations and experiments, but they are not proven. Laws, on the other hand, are specific statements that describe how things in the universe behave. They can be derived from theories, but they are not the same thing.

Scientific evidence

The three key hallmarks of science are evidence, objectivity, and skepticism.

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