What Jobs Can I Get With A Political Science Degree?

Similarly, What can I do with a bachelors in political science?

If you study in political science, you will have a broad range of career opportunities following graduation. Political science majors have ten job options. Analyst of public policy. Assistant to the Legislative Council. Specialist in Public Relations Manager of Social Media. Analyst in Marketing Research. Political advisor. Attorney

Also, it is asked, Is a degree in political science worth it?

For many students, a political science degree is worthwhile. Over the next ten years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 5% increase in jobs in life, physical, and social science professions.

Secondly, What is the highest paying job in political science?

Political Science Jobs with the Best Pay Lawyers. Lawyers, often known as lawyers, represent their clients in legal matters. Political scientists are those who study politics. Hearing Officers and Judges Planners of cities and regions. Arbitrators, Mediators, and Conciliators are all types of mediators. Legal Assistants and Paralegals

Also, Is political science a good major?

Political science, as part of a liberal arts education that improves critical reading, research, analysis, and writing abilities, qualifies students for jobs in practically any field, including commerce, finance, consulting, government work, the foreign service, and teaching.

People also ask, What are the 4 fields of political science?

American politics, comparative politics, international relations, and political theory are the four main subfields in which the department’s research and teaching, including continuous seminars and workshops, are organized.

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How can I make money with a political science degree?

Political science majors should look for work in the following fields. Political advisor. The average annual wage in the United States is $41,586. Assistant or aide to a legislator. The average annual wage in the United States is $44,878 dollars. Staff for political campaigns. Analyst for intelligence. Manager of public relations. Analyst of data. Mediator. Planner of cities.

What is the most useful degree?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has compiled a list of the most helpful college degrees based on post-graduate employment and median yearly wage: Biomedical engineering is a branch of bioengineering that deals with the Computer science is the study of computers. Marine engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the sea Pharmaceutical sciences are the study of drugs. Computer science is the study of how computers work. Electrical engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with electricity. Finance. Software development is a specialized field.

What is the hardest major in college?

The 13 Most Difficult College Majors Biochemistry or Biophysics are the eighth and final options. #7: Astronomy is a science that deals with the study of the universe. Physics is #6. #5: Molecular and Cellular Biology. Biomedical Engineering is number four. #3: Aeronautical and Space Engineering. Chemical Engineering is number two. The first is architecture. Each week, on average, 22.20 hours are spent preparing for class.

Is political science in demand?

Political scientists’ employment is expected to expand at a rate of 9% between 2020 and 2030, which is about average for all professions. On average, 700 positions for political scientists are expected to open per year during the next ten years.

Can political science make you rich?

Potential Salary: $164,200 Some political scientists work for political organizations and government agencies as policy analysts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for political scientists are rising at roughly the same rate as the national average (BLS).

Is there money in political science?

In 2020, the median income for political scientists was $125,350. That year, the top 25 percent earned $157,710, while the bottom 25 percent earned $90,780.

How practical is a political science degree?

Political science is a degree that may be used in a variety of situations. It may help you launch a career in politics, policy, charitable work, business, the media, or education. Political science students learn research, communication, and data analysis abilities that may be used in both the corporate and governmental sectors.

Is political science good for law school?

A total of 81 percent of the 12,693 law school candidates with a political science degree were accepted. This major’s average LSAT score was 153.4. For pre-law students, political science is by far the most popular major.

What are the 7 branches of political science?

Browse the many disciplines of study listed on the right for more information on each area of specialty. Politics in the United States. Politics in a Comparative Perspective. Theoretical Politics. International Relations is a term that refers to the study of Political conduct. Methodology in Politics.

What are the 6 branches of political science?

Duke University’s undergraduate political science program is organized into six disciplines of study. Political Philosophy and Normative Political Theory (N) Political Identities and Behaviour (BI) Politics and Economics (PE) Institutions of Government (PI) Methodology in Politics (M) Conflict, Security, and Peace (SPC)

What are the 6 types of political science?

Below are descriptions of some of the key subfields. Theoretical Politics. The foundations of political community and institutions are the focus of political philosophy. Politics in a Comparative Perspective. International Relations is a term that refers to the study of Politics and Government in the United States of America. Methodology in Politics.

Are political scientists happy?

Political scientists are happier than the typical person. At CareerExplorer, we poll millions of individuals on a regular basis to see how pleased they are with their jobs. Political scientists, it turns out, evaluate their job satisfaction at 3.4 out of 5 stars, putting them in the top 38% of all occupations.

What is a political scientist salary?

Political Scientist / Median Pay: 99,730 USD (2015) (annual)

What are the most useless degrees?

Advertising’s 20 Most Useless Degrees If you major in advertising, you could choose to pursue careers in digital marketing, e-commerce, or sports marketing. Anthropology and archeology are two fields of study. History of art. Communications. Computer science is the study of computers. Writing is an art form. Justice in the criminal case. Culinary arts are the skills of cooking.

What majors are not worth it?

Majors in College That Aren’t Worth the Money Sociology – A median wage of $47,121 is earned by social workers. Museum research professionals make a median income of $48,401 in the fine arts. Education – The typical income for high school teachers is $54,473. Associate pastors make a median income of $61,811 in Religious Studies.

What major makes the most money?

The 12 Most Lucrative College Majors The study of business operations. Political Economics is a term that refers to the study of Business analytics is a term that refers to the study of $57,200 is the starting wage. Pharmacist. $79,600 is the starting wage. Aeronautics. $73,100 is the starting pay. Economics. $60,100 is the starting wage. Accounting. $56,400 is the starting wage. Management of a company. $61,000 is the starting wage.

What is the most failed college course?

College’s Four Most Commonly Failed Courses Algebra in college. Early high school’s cruel, disgusting, and dreadful enemy has returned to torment you. Organic chemistry is the study of organic compounds. This class’s inclusion on this list may not come as a surprise. Physics. Anatomy and Physiology are two disciplines that deal with the human body.

What is the easiest 4 year degree to get?

The 14 Easiest College Majors to Study Psychology is number one. Psychology majors research the human psyche’s inner workings. Criminal Justice is number two. English is number three, while education is number four. #5: Social Services. Sociology is #6. Communication is number seven. #8: The past.

What should I major in if I don’t like anything?

7 Majors for Students Who Aren’t Sure What They Want To Do After CollegePsychology is one of the most popular majors among students who aren’t sure what they want to do after college. Psychology is a good major to choose if you’re interested in the human mind and behavior. Interdisciplinary studies/liberal arts Communications. Business. English. Biology. Computer science is the study of computers.

How many political scientist jobs are there?

Political Scientists’ Geographic Profile:StateEmployment (1) quotient of location (9) The District of Columbia is located in the United States of America. 3,490131.46 Washington2201.73 California2000.30 Row 1500.311 in Texas

How do I get a job in politics?

Internships and networking opportunities are common among political science students while still in school to help jumpstart their political careers. Aspiring politicians may pursue bachelor’s degrees in legal studies, history, or economics in addition to political science.

What is the job outlook for a political scientist?

20146 percent -2 percent (2019)

Why should I study political science?

Political science is a great way to be ready for a profession. Political science prepares students for a wide range of occupations, including law, media, international affairs, primary and secondary teaching, and government and political office jobs.

What college has the best political science program?

The greatest graduate schools in political science are listed below. Stanford University is a prestigious university in California. Harvard University is a prestigious university in the United States. Princeton University is a private research university in Princeton, New Jersey Berkeley is the home of the University of California. Ann Arbor campus of the University of Michigan. Yale University is a private university in New Haven, Connecticut. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a public research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Columbia University is a private university in New York City.


The “highest paying jobs with a political science degree” is a question that is asked often. The answer to this question is not as clear cut as one might think. There are many different types of jobs that can be done with a political science degree, and they all vary in their pay rates.

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A political scientist is a person who studies the nature of government and politics. They might work as an analyst, researcher, or in public policy. Reference: what does a political scientist do.

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