What Is A Medical Science Liaison?

Similarly, What does the medical science liaison do?

Medical Science Liaisons are critical to a company’s success. They operate throughout a product’s lifespan, assisting in the successful use of products, serving as scientific peers and resources in the medical community, and serving as scientific experts to internal company colleagues.

Also, it is asked, Is MSL a good career?

Medical professions, such as MSL jobs, are among the fastest increasing sectors between 2012 and 2022, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. These positions are also likely to be highly compensated. MSLs are expected to continue to earn a median income of over $100,000 USD per year, according to Payscale.

Secondly, What’s it like being a medical science liaison?

As a result, the MSL serves as a scientific, impartial middleman/woman. They educate HCPs by talking with them and using research to back up their arguments. Because the sales team often lacks the scientific understanding to respond to specific issues, they might direct a doctor to MSL for help.

Also, Do you need a PhD to be an MSL?

This isn’t to suggest that clinical experience isn’t valuable; it may help you get a position and navigate it. In fact, several industry experts believe that a PhD paired with clinical research expertise is the finest potential preparation for a medical science liaison position.

People also ask, Is it difficult to become a medical science liaison?

Without suitable job experience, landing an MSL position might be difficult. Because the majority of candidates will already have the necessary skills and credentials for the position, it is critical to stand out. It is often necessary to network with others who operate in the sector.

Related Questions and Answers

What skills does an MSL need?

To be an effective Medical Science Liaison, you’ll need the following five skills: Communication. Optimism and self-assurance. Patience. Time management and organization are essential. Learning is something I like doing.

What can I do after medical science liaison?

If you’re thinking about a career as a medical scientific liaison, you may want to look into the following options: Engineer specializing in biomedicine. Consultant in the medical field. Consultant in pharmaceuticals. Manager of care. Medical sales representative. Medical expert. Biotechnologist. Specialist in clinical medicine.

How old are medical science liaisons?

Age Distribution in Medical Science Liaison Surprisingly, the average age of Medical Science Liaisons is 40+ years old, accounting for over half of the population.

What is the difference between MSL and medical advisor?

External communication is often handled by MSLs, who engage in scientific dialogues with industry key opinion leaders. Internal governance, sales and marketing training, and the approval of medical and marketing materials are all responsibilities of Medical Advisors.

How do I prepare for an MSL interview?

Before any MSL interview, there are five concrete things you should do. When you first begin, ask yourself this question (but not in a confrontational way). “I’m quite happy to be here.” Repeat the “Tell me about yourself” answer multiple times out loud. Investigate the business. Presentations. Money.

How do you answer the question why do you want to be an MSL?

Use this question in an MSL interview to demonstrate that you’re excited about the position, can establish connections, are knowledgeable about the organization, and have strong communication skills. Consider discussing the connections you’ve built and the talents you’ll bring to your new position based on your previous experiences.

How do I get into medical affairs?

We’ve highlighted a few examples below: Possess a Ph.D., a Pharmacy degree, or a medical degree. You will have a PhD at the very least. Carry out research. Researching the industry can help you get a better grasp of industry rules and best practices, which will help you succeed in your profession. Certificate of Final Signatory. Training with the ABPI.

How often do medical science liaisons travel?

2–3 times each week

How many MSLs are in the US?

According to the Real Estate Standards Organization, there are now 581 multiple listing services (MLSs) in the United States, although the precise number fluctuates on a regular basis. In November 2018, a RESO representative reported that there were 645 MLSs around the country.

What makes a great MSL?

Emotional intelligence and strong social perception. MSLs who want to be successful can’t afford to be socially inept. Your ability to read your customers’ emotions will be crucial to your success. As an MSL, you’ll have to balance data transmission with spontaneous social insights throughout your job.

How do you land an MSL job?

To succeed, you’ll need a greater degree of experience and competence. Some MSL roles need a PhD in the field of medical knowledge that a business or product requires, while most positions demand a minimum of a PhD in the area of medical competence that a company or product requires.

How do MSLs impact a company’s role with KOLs?

MSLs are focusing their discussions with KOLs on patient outcomes, matching their objectives with those of the doctors and researchers they meet with. In the long term, this makes KOL meetings more important and memorable.

Is MSL a sales role?

The sales representative is a promoter. MSL is a non-commercial organization. Sales people have sales metrics, although MSL may have metrics as well, but they are not tied to sales.

What questions should I ask at an MSL interview?

Questions about background and experience include: Why do you want to be an MSL? What are your impressions of the company? What do you think the MSL’s job entails? What do you believe you’ll be able to contribute to the role? How do you remain up to speed on the most recent clinical research in your field?

What questions should I ask MSL?

Candidates for Medical Science Liaisons Should Ask Hiring Managers How do you evaluate the effectiveness of a Medical Science Liaison (MSL)? What are the top three priorities for this position right now? How did your first ninety days in this position go?

What are common behavioral interview questions?

What is the definition of a behavioral interview question? Give us an example of a goal you didn’t achieve and how you dealt with it. Tell us about a moment when you addressed an issue at work that wasn’t related to your job. Tell us about a moment when you made a hazardous choice that backfired.

What is the difference between medical affairs and clinical affairs?

Medical Affairs in pharmaceuticals is usually only engaged after the medicine has been introduced.” Clinical Affairs is in charge of all pre-launch operations such as research and development and medication development.

Why do you want a career in medical affairs?

Medical Affairs and Medical Information are excellent careers for someone who enjoys learning about the science underlying medications, as well as assisting others and solving issues. The diversity may be mind-boggling.

How many hours a week do MSLs work?

Working hours range from 46 to 50 hours a week.

What are key MSL metrics?

Traditional MSL KPIs are usually hard, activity-based criteria that are meant to allow liaisons to meet as many thought leaders as feasible. More details create favorable outcomes for the firm, hence these frameworks for these indicators come from the sales rep model.

How might KOLs impact a product’s reputation?

Influencers are influenced by KOLs. As subject area experts, important opinion leaders are looked upon by influencers. Influencers are used by brands to obtain access to their fans. Thought leaders are thought leaders because they have the credibility to back up their claims, not because of the number of people that follow them on social media.

What is a thought leader liaison?

The Thought Leader Liaison position is a field-based position that focuses on collaborating closely with Key Opinion Leaders at MS Centers across the country as a Multiple Sclerosis products/services expert and ensuring cross-functional resources are made available as needed to help people use MS products.

Is a medical science liaison the same as a sales rep?

MSLs are HCPs’ trusted scientific advisers, providing accurate, non-misleading medical and scientific information, while the sales rep’s emphasis is commercial and promotional, with the goal of persuading the HCP of the drug’s virtues.

Who is on a medical affairs team?

Medical affairs directors are normally Doctors of Pharmacy (Pharm Ds), and medical affairs departments are often comprised of medical science liaisons (MSLs) with advanced master’s degrees, Pharm Ds, or MDs.

Why do you want to join Novartis?

Novartis has a vision of a better today and future for patients, which drives our growth and success, with more than 119,000 employees throughout the globe. The knowing that they are improving the quality of life for patients via breakthrough research and innovation gives our employees the most work pleasure.

How do you handle stress and pressure?

Staying optimistic is a common stress management strategy. Stress may be used as a motivation. Accepting the things you can’t change. Using relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation. Making healthy choices. Learning how to better manage your time. Investing in your personal life.


A medical science liaison is a person who works with the team of doctors, scientists and other specialists to help athletes achieve their best performance. They work closely with these experts in order to make sure that athletes are getting the best care possible.

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